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Generous people all gathered around a awesome car museum to help the Darrell Gwynn Foundation raise money for kids in wheel chairs who's families either can not afford them or who have been turned down by insurance. Doing event photography Arizona is not the only place my job takes me. This month it got me out of the heat and took me to Corona, California where the Day family was kind enough to host a fund raising Gala for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. It was a gather of many people who are in the motor sports industries in all sorts of ways with a dinner, silent auction, a live auction with the popular and always entertaining young guestauctioneer Cole Ashley, followed with live music on the rooftop of the Day Family Museum.  I am lucky enough to be able to call Darrell Gwynn a friend of mine and he is one of the nicest and most inspirational people I have ever met.

Darrell was in a tragic top fuel dragster accident just over twenty years ago which left him in a wheel chair. Since that day once he recovered he dedicated his life to helping others in wheel chairs have a better quality of life through better mobility. Darrell and his foundation raise money non stop all year long all over the country getting involved with events from fishing tournaments to the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions.

The gala had such celebrities attending as Craig Jackson, Bill Goldberg, Don Prudhomme, and Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs. It was a great evening at a great place with plenty of awesome cars to check out. And, for those who stayed late the party ended up around the Day's bar with Cole's father schooling the Day family, Ryan of West Coast Customs, and a lucky few other of us with some top shelf premium moonshine.

Darrell Gwynn Foundation

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Event Photographer Arizona Was The Beginning For Barrett Jackson

I went to the very first Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale in 1971 when I was just a little kid. Now, as an event photographer Arizona is home to both my business and still theirs. And, a life long love and appreciation of cars has come of it. That weekend was and is probably the reason I have spent my life as a fairly avid car loving guy. I rode my bike up to the hotel parking lot where the auction was held and walked around asking people for work until one guy handed me some wax and a towel. He told me to to start at nose end of his Corvette and wax my way to the rear bumper. And, then when I asked him what I could do next he said now wax from the rear to the front. And, that is what I did all day long and I think I waxed that car probably five times that day. When the day was coming to an end and the car was getting ready to get rolled on to the auction block he handed me a $20 bill which I excitedly pocketed.

I have been going back to Barrett Jackson auctions on and off for pretty much my whole life. Eight years ago back in 2005 I got to photograph my first auction for Barrett Jackson directly as one of my clients. We both have grown a lot since then. Now Barrett Jackson event are filled with a range of nice clean affordable clean cars to ultra high end one of a kind rare gems. They are also populated with celebrities like Bret Michaels and Jay Leno and filled with charity cars that raise millions of dollars from each and every auction.

It has been great to watch them grow and to be able to be a part of that. Darrell Gwynn is a hero to many for raising money for wheel chairs for kids and families who can not afford them. He is also one of the many people I have been lucky enough to become friends with through my doing photography at Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions. There are many of us and you know what they say... Once a car guy always a car guy.

Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation

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